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EVA foam automobile brushing sheet durable self-service car washing brush

EVA foam:

EVA, commonly known as the foam is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials. It is composed of Eva foam. To overcome the ordinary styrofoam fragile, deformation, the poor resilience. With waterproof and moistureproof, shockproof, sound insulation, heat preservation and good plasticity and toughness, recycling, environmental protection, impact force. Non-slip shockproof capability is strong, and many other advantages, also has the very good chemical resistance, is an ideal substitute traditional packaging materials.

The advantage of EVA car wash brush:

EVA car wash brush are much more advanced than normal car wash brush, dense, high quality, more is not easy to wear, embossing, uv protection, more is not easy to take off color, primary raw materials manufacturing, the thickness of the thicker, more wear-resisting, than ordinary guarantee for 3 years or new.Car wash brush is the most important part of automatic washing machine, it is the only direct contact with the car paint components. Brush quality directly affect the quality of washing the car. The problem in the short term, the user will not notice, inferior brush in use after a month in a row, can make the gloss of the vehicle is reduced greatly.

EVA washing brush features:

1.EVA washing brush water resistance: closed bubble pore structure, non-absorbent, moistureproof and good water resistance.

2.EVA sponge brush corrosion resistance: resistance to sea water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion antibacterial, non-toxic. Tasteless, no pollution.

3.EVA washing brush processability: no joint, and easy to hot pressing, cutting, coating and laminating process.

4.EVA sponge brush shock: resilience and high tension resistance, strong toughness, good shockproof/cushioning performanceHeat preservation, heat insulation, excellent insulation cold and low temperature resistance, resistant to cold and exposure.

5.Sound insulation sex: airtight bubble hole, sound insulation effect is good.

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